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For customers who purchased FlashAir W-04 (Type2) in Asia region

There are some misdescriptions on the enclosed “FlashAIr W-04 Supplemental Manual”. Please replace with the revised manual (PDF : 4.15MB).

For user who is going to use FlashAir W-04 in China

  • FlashAir W-04 Type1
  • FlashAir W-04 Type2

FlashAir W-04 has two (2) types, Type1 with CMIIT ID* and Type2 without CMIIT ID. Type1 and Type2 are different in the wireless LAN compliant countries/regions. If your product is Type2, please do not use it in China, as the use in China will violate the local ordinance. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

* CMIIT ID is an authorization number assigned by the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to identify wireless-LAN compliant products in China.

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